Candace Held glass works

Pattern as Weaving

a modern look at an ancient craft

Amber Woven Bowl

This weaving of amber and pieces of other colors was shaped into a bowl.

Amber Woven Bowl by Candace Held

Bowl with White Sripes

This weaving incorporates pre-fused elements as well as strips of clear, amber and aqua 'threads'.

Bowl with White Sripes by Candace Held

The contrast of the suppleness of weaving with the unyielding glass form creates an intriguing paradox.

Red Brown Weaving

Stong brown elements define the red tones of this piece.

Red Brown Weaving by Candace Held

Lavender Weaving

Lavender Weaving is composed of large ‘threads‘ and some other glass elements in a harmony of lavendars, blues and lilac colors.

Transitions by Candace Held