Candace Held glass works

Pattern as Wind

Wind forms patterns in the sky, swirls the sea, and impels a sail


A sail crosses the wind-belled sea below a sky bright with promise. The glass relief is mounted on black plexiglass.

Windswept by Candace Held

Into the Fog

The misty swirls of a foggy patch overtake a becalmed sail.

Into the Fog by Candace Held

David Smalley and I presented a joint show, Interpreting Wind, at The Artist's Cooperative Gallery, Westerly, RI, August 2010.

Standing Waves by David Smalley

"This sculpture is process-driven. A new tool or technique can open up new possibilities and force new design solutions. The limitations of spot welding are that the two pieces to be joined have to overlap and the metal has to be relatively thin. It's an industrial process which leaves its mark on what I make. Not often used to make sculpture. Airplanes come to mind. And wind, and sails, with curves." David Smalley

Standing Waves by David Smalley


A sail, impelled by the wind, follows the patterns in the sky. The glass relief is mounted on black plexiglass.

Reaching by Candace Held

Sails compel the imagination by capturing the wind and giving it form.

Reflections of Red

The dragon-like tension in the sky belies the calm water over which a lone sailboat reaches.

Reflections of Red by Candace Held

Red Skies

A cloudy white sail navigates a turbulent sea under stormy red skies.

Red Skies by Candace Held